Parboiled Rice


DOS HERMANOS Parboiled Rice. Made from selected long thin rice, it is richer in vitamins and mineral salts than traditional white rice owing to the parboiled process, a natural thermal process without the addition of chemical substances, which consists of submerging the rice grains in hot water, and then applying steam under pressure.


The soluble vitamins and minerals present in the bran are thus incorporated into the grain, and the starch is gelatinized, allowing the rice to keep its grains loose and not to become overcooked.


This product can be boiled in 20 minutes but it can also be cooked longer without losing its consistency or shape. It is ideal for simple, large volume meals. The pre-selection of the grains gives chefs the peace of mind that the rice will always be ready and will not be overcooked.


Product range: 1 kg rice packet and 500 g, 1 kg and 5 kg rice bags








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