Our History

Dos Hermanos S.A. is an Argentine company founded over 65 years ago for the production of rice. It then built its own mill and became an important agroindustrial company, a touchstone for the rice sector in Argentina. It produces a wide range of rices and processed foods such as crackers, snacks, alfajores, breakfast cereals and toast. It has always remained a family-owned business, passing down knowledge and passion for what they do from generation to generation.

The quality of raw materials, from the moment of sowing and harvesting of the rice, the careful processing of the products, and the team of professionals that make up the company are crucial. Dos Hermanos has its own research and development department and has a state-of-the-art plant for Parboiled Rice.

Headquartered in Concordia, Entre Ríos, Dos Hermanos also has a strong impact on the community, supporting sporting and cultural events and generating over 220 jobs. The commitment to its people and collaborators is the pillar of its growth, strength and what ultimately distinguishes Dos Hermanos from the rest.

Their strong commitment starts with rice production, their work with collaborators, their full participation in the harvesting, the production and the distribution, in order to guarantee quality throughout the whole process until the product reaches the consumer. Dos Hermanos’ wide range of products is distributed throughout the country at the main supermarket chains, and year on year it increases its presence at points of sale.

The mission

Our mission is to be at the forefront of national and international rice production, fulfilling our customers’ and our collaborators’ needs.
We are constantly striving to reach our goals, working as a team with the utmost initiative and competence, providing products and services that are developed using the latest technology and achieving the highest quality.
We do all this in order to meet the needs of our consumers and to strengthen our position as a solid and profitable company, which operates within the legal framework and upholds the highest ethical standards.
Ethical standards are the foundation of the behaviour Dos Hermanos shows towards its collaborators, customers, suppliers and other members of the community.

Our Tradition

Every vision needs fertile ground to sow its seed. We chose Entre Ríos to plant our dream.
Due to the passion that comes from being pioneers, our vision has been expanding for over five decades thanks to the constant work to achieve the highest quality.
This is how we managed to build one of the most important rice mills in the country, a veritable touchstone in national agribusiness.

Our Commitment

Having deep knowledge of our customers and consumers helps us meet our quality goals.
We make the most of several factors in order to satisfy their needs and preferences: we have our own Research and Development department, we provide certified seeds for planting, and we control the entire process of harvesting, production and distribution, and, in the process, we become real rice specialists.


The Dos Hermanos Corporate Social Responsibility Program is based on three strategic pillars: strengthening existing practices in the social, academic and professional fields; developing new Corporate Social Responsibility practices; and involving others in this process, such as customers, suppliers, government and civil society bodies and other companies.